Introducing Community Forum on Papergov

Introducing Community Forum on Papergov

We are excited to bring the power of community to Papergov with the launch of Community Forum :)

At Papergov, our mission has always been to make discovering and acting on government services seamless for all. Based on our learning's during the last few months, we are excited to introduce the Papergov Community Forum.

In essence, the Community Forum enables our users to have real time conversations with their community on the government services they are interacting with. The main goal is to be able to give the governing agencies a platform to interact with their citizens on very specific topics of their services.

One of the key things is here to be able to ask questions, leave feedback or offer suggestions about the service without having the pain to create any account & to be able to post anonymously. In the times where user privacy is of paramount importance, this enables users to be more open to having constructive discussions on their government services.

You will find the option on all service and location pages on Papergov. Here is how they appear on a sample service page

Papergov Community Forum Snapshot

We think it is a powerful way for governments to provide personalized experience & service them instantly rather than on other social media channels where there is a lot of noise & often takes time to set the context of the services.

It is still the early stages of the Forum and we want to make it default place for people to discuss about government services & in turn provide a platform for government agencies to address these seamlessly.

If you have any feedback or things we can improve on, please drop us a note here.