Introducing Widgets on Papergov

Introducing Widgets on Papergov

Papergov Widgets enables any content about government services to be actionable!

We hope you are healthy & safe during these extraordinary times.

We are excited to share the beta of Papergov Widgets. Widgets would enable anyone to make any content related to government services actionable on their website or blogs. The intent is to make it seamless to provide relevant contextual information about a given government service.

We are starting with three widgets based our our current usage & here is how they function: 

Search Widget enables it to add Papergov government service search on your blog post or website.

Service Template Widget enables to add a location based service suggestions for a given service type on your blog or website.

Service Page Widget enables to add a very specific government service in a given location on your blog or website

Our commitment at Papergov has always been able to provide seamless access to all government services & widgets is a way to extend this beyond our own platform. We would love to hear any feedback on how we can improve this and make it more useful. You can drop a line here.

Stay home, healthy & safe!