A Residential Parking permit enables the resident to park in areas beyond the acceptable times if it is in their residential neighborhood. To obtain a residential parking permit, one must apply with the city they live in.

What is the process to apply for a residential parking permit?

The process is a simple one, a resident fills out an application, attaches the required documents and payment, then submits it to the city government. In most cases, the permit is mailed to the resident.

The processing time for a residential parking permit depends on the city you are residing in. For example:

  • In San Francisco it takes 21 days to process the application. Each household may buy four permits.
  • Boston allows you to apply online for a speedier process (10 business days).

What are the documents required to apply for a residential parking permit?

Requirements vary by city, but the most common documents needed are driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof that one is a resident. Each city we looked at stipulated that the address on the vehicle registration must match the address the permit is being applied for.

  • In San Francisco, you need a DMV registration, and copy of insurance policy that contains the address on it.
  • In Houston, you need to provide your driver's license, license plate number, and proof of residency.
  • In New Orleans, you must provide a lease or mortgage statement, utility bill, driver's license, and vehicle registration.
  • In Boston, you must provide proof of residency, and car registration.

How much does a Residential Parking Permit cost?

Residential Permit costs vary greatly from city to city. There are quite a few locations in the US that offer them at zero cost to their residents.

  • In San Francisco the yearly fees are $ 144 for vehicles, and $108 for motorcycles.
  • In Houston, you receive a decal for $29.18 yearly.
  • In New Orleans a permit fee must be paid the first time ($40 or $30 for seniors). The yearly fee is $30, with seniors receiving a discount ($20).
  • Boston does not charge for their permits.