Student Parking Permits are a great way for students to save money on parking fees and tickets. In most student cities in the US, finding a parking is a nightmare & parking tickets can be expensive.

Student Parking Permits are issued by the school in which the applicant attend. The schools generally require the applicant to be a student and to provide their vehicle registration information. The schools researched all required the student to log into their account to apply for a permit.

Here is a quick look at few universities & how the student parking permits work there:

  • At Florida State, permits are virtual and must be applied for online. They must be a student and register their vehicle with the school. A car registration is needed to apply for a permit. The parking permit is included in a fee the student pays per semester hour taken ($8.90). This also entitles them to ride the university transit system.
  • The University of Texas has multiple permits that a student can apply for depending on the area of the campus in which they would like to park. The prices range from $150 for a regular parking space to $817 for garage parking.
  • The University of Illinois charges $660 yearly for a permit.
  • At Oregon State University, the applicant must provide their license plate number, along with a description of the car. The cost of permits vary depending on where the applicant chooses to park. The majority of parking is $522 yearly. There are only a certain number of permits available, and the applicant may sign up on a wait list.