Traffic tickets issued in the US fall into three categories: Traffic Infractions, Traffic Misdemeanors, and Traffic Felonies.

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Traffic Infractions

Traffic Infractions, also called civil infractions, civil offenses, or moving violations, are the least serious type of traffic offense/ticket category. Examples of actions resulting in a traffic infraction ticket being issued include speeding, failing to stop at a sign or signal, failing to use turn signals, burnt-out headlights, tail lights, or brake lights, seat belt violations, illegal parking, and texting while driving.

Traffic Misdemeanors

Traffic Misdemeanors are more serious traffic offenses. Examples of actions considered traffic misdemeanors include Driving while Under the Influence (DUI), reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, hit and run, and is some instances in some states, vehicular homicide. In some instances, traffic infractions can be elevated to traffic misdemeanors. Examples of this include speeding at an excessively high speed and committing a traffic infraction that causes an accident.

Traffic Felonies

Traffic Felonies are the most serious type of traffic offense. Examples include vehicular homicide (in almost every state and instance), vehicular manslaughter, a DUI repeat offender, and incidents causing significant property damage, injuries to others, or the death of others.

On average, 41 million traffic tickets are written in the US each year.

California, New York, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina wrote the most speeding tickets. North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Alaska, and Montana wrote the least.

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